The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)









The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an American nonprofit nonpartisan membership organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. Founded in 1921 and headquartered at 58 East 68th Street in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C., the CFR is considered to be the nation's 'most influential foreign-policy think tank.' [1] It publishes a bi-monthly journal Foreign Affairs. .... 



Network diagram showing interlocks

between various U.S. corporations and institutions and the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2004


“The Octopus Doctrine”



Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) - Mission

As stated on its website, the CFR's mission is to be "a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries."

The CFR aims to maintain a diverse membership, including special programs to promote interest and develop expertise in the next generation of foreign policy leaders. It convenes meetings at which government officials, global leaders and prominent members of the foreign policy community discuss major international issues. Its think tank, the David Rockefeller Studies Program, is composed of about fifty adjunct and full-time scholars, as well as ten in-resident recipients of year-long fellowships, who cover the major regions and significant issues shaping today's international agenda. These scholars contribute to the foreign policy debate by making recommendations to the presidential administration, testifying before Congress, serving as a resource to the diplomatic community, interacting with the media, authoring books, reports, articles, and op-eds on foreign policy issues.

Over its history have included senior serving politicians, more than a dozen Secretaries of State, former national security officers, bankers, lawyers, professors, former CIA members and senior media figures…..

The Council on Foreign Relations, a sister organization to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London (now known as Chatham House), was formed in 1922 as a noncommercial, nonpolitical organization supporting American foreign relations. From its inception the Council was bipartisan, welcoming members of both Democratic and Republican parties. It also welcomed Jews and African Americans, although women were initially barred from membership. Its proceedings were almost universally private and confidential. A critical study found that of 502 government officials surveyed from 1945 to 1972, more than half were members of the Council.



Dick Chenney - VP






Cheney on CFR, Council on Foreign Relations( 1 min)

Cheney at CFR, that he was long-time member in secret?? …





Total Proof of The New World Order! “CFR” - (WAKE UP AMERICA!)  ( 10 mins)

- N.A. Union? - Many Govmt people speaking at CFR.>>>





The Council on Foreign Relations




New World Order Documentary – w Dick Cheney on CFR

The Counsel on Foreign Relations, 1921 - Rockefeller Initiates



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