- National Economic Security and Recovery Act ???

"Imagine being blind your entire life,

then by some miracle, your eyesight was restored.

This is what it will be like for those people who have been blinded by a reality

that was constructed to keep us subservient, controlled and conformed. "






N.E.S.A.R.A. - National Economic Security and Recovery Act


NESARA is an acronym for the proposed National Economic Security and Recovery Act, a set of economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (see also FairTax), abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before Congress. NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwin, who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and then suppressed by the George W. Bush administration and the Supreme Court. Other people have adopted and embellished Goodwin's ideas.








NESARA Act - Anybody familiar with it?


Watching a documentary on the Mayan Calendar and the NESARA Act, which  had never heard of, was brought up. Apparently it was passed back in the Spring of 2000 and will do everything Ron Paul wants to do in just one quick move. All U.S. administration leaders will be removed as well as all members of Congress. In addition all debt will be eliminated from people along with the federal reserve and a money standard backed by gold will be put in place.

The website is here :: http://www.nesara.us/pages/home.html

Does anybody know anything about this and can shed some light on why it hasn't happened yet or if it's even real? I'd love to hear a little more about this. Personally I'd like to see it BEFORE Ron Paul gets elected rather than after.








TREASON in AMERICA - 9/11 ??

NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on 11th September, 2001. The attacks on the World Trade Centre occurred just before 9 am that day. There were NO hijackers. President Bush desperately needed a war - partly to stop this announcement! The lives of NY firemen could be at risk as they evidenced the murder of some 200 bank employees who were actioning bank procedures for the implementation of NESARA that very morning!


Many links>>

… In both instances important government staff did not show up for work, or were lifted by helicopter from the roof early in the morning. Who was responsible for the bullet holes in the walls of the 2nd floor, where banking staff were readying for the NESARA announcement?















What Then? - Post NESARA Times ...Meetings with Extra- Terrestrials







A Legislative Proposal for Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform

Support the NESARA Monetary Rights Movement


If the American Founding Fathers were alive today they would not recognize their own legacy.

 - Something went terribly wrong.  -  What?

 - More to the point, how do we repair the damage?









All what you should know about N.E.S.A.R.A.   ( 8:40 mins)


Done with Digital Voice...






NESARA More Information






Why NESARA Is Imminent






Sheldan Nidle














NESARA by Elizabeth Trutwin 11/16/12






The Wheel of Life




The GOLDEN AGE Approaches

The thought patterns of every human on earth will change:





































Gregg Prescott: Imminent Mass Arrests of Globalists, Bankers and Political Elite


In a recent interview with David Wilcock, Insider ‘Drake’ stated a comprehensive plan to arrest all corrupt globalist, banksters and the political elite - as it starts it will be within a 72 hour period - involving the closing down of U.S. borders and satellite communications to prevent and out of country money transfers. Drake added that a transition plan is already in place to convert the U.S. dollar to one that is not based on fiat currency. Additionally, we can expect to see the release of many suppressed technologies that will make our modern life seem like the Stone Age.

Drake mentioned that other countries and non-aligned nations have already stepped outside of the financial control of the G5 and G20 in a new financial system that was implemented on Monday.
The insider also stated that JP Morgan, Bank of America and Citibank are on the verge of collapse adding that the Euro is set to collapse, which in turn, would collapse the dollar. To finance this changeover in currency, Drake stated that there are old funds held by patriotic entities that have enough money and valued assets to pay for our national debt 4x over, adding, “This is not collateral accounts, this is private accounting. The end result will be the end of taxation, the release of suppressed technology and prosperity for all.


Continuity of goods and services should still remain in tact, and while there may be a few short discontinuations of services, they should occur for any long periods of time. It may be a good idea to have a small stockpile of basic necessities, such as water, canned food, toilet paper, etc…

In recent alternative news, as seen here on in5d, we have shown numerous articles on the plethora of bankster resignations in the past several months. According to Drake, many of these people gathered their families and a large quantity of money and moved overseas. Drake added that these people will be hunted down no matter where they are on this planet. In regard to the elite, Drake stated that “There’s gonna be some hangings. There’s gonna be some people jumping out of windows” but added that he does not want to see the riotous lynch mobs emanating from our society.

“The idea of the police state will not exist as it does now,” stated Drake. According to this insider, the FEMA camps will not be used for the general population, but for the corrupt politicians, banksters and global elite.

Drake stated that “there’s gonna be a 72 hour shutdown. no one will be able to fly or use any satellite technology to prevent the crooks from leaving the United States and from pilfering money electronically.” While shutting down the satellites may affect cell phone service, internet connectivity and even possibly the use of automobiles, this will be done as a preventative measure to ensure that the elite do not pilfer any money to offshore accounts.

Drake stated there will be a specific education channel will be televised for the educating and reeducating of people to our new society, adding there will be county, state and national positions created due to the number of people getting ousted from office as these politicians will be temporarily replaced with interim officials appointed on a temporary basis.

At this point in time, it is unclear who will be appointed to any specific position along with who will be the people making these decisions.

The ramifications of this event will lead other countries to follow suit in a global revolution.

What can you do?

Once we begin this transition phase, there will be a great need for the reeducation of people. As part of the in5d family, your knowledge in many of these spiritual and metaphysical areas will be a great asset to those who have been brainwashed their entire lives.

Imagine being blind your entire life, then by some miracle, your eyesight was restored. This is what it will be like for those people who have been blinded by a reality that was constructed to keep us subservient, controlled and conformed.

On in5d Connection, we have a ton of groups that can be used in the reeducation of society. In addition, we are going to be adding some software that will enable us to use the “Broadcast” function as our own online in5d Station! For example, we can schedule broadcasts for Groups or we can do live interviews with people such as George Kavassilas, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion etc… or we can use it to schedule reeducation classes. It’ll be an awesome alternative to television while being much more informative. Additionally, we can set up schedules for members to air their own broadcasts at in5d Connection on a daily and weekly basis.

I’ll need to upgrade the software but this will not affect its functionality at all. I’ll also need to upgrade the server to something that will be able to handle this type of software in large numbers. As soon as I’m able to save enough to get this going, it’ll come to reality, so start thinking about what stations you’d like to have or see and we can talk about it in my Miscellaneous in5d Group, in5d Suggestions and Ideas.

Our in5d family will be playing a huge role in educating society in many areas of life and we will be looking for leaders and innovators to help us usher in the Golden Age!
On a local level, you can talk to your neighbors and hold small assemblies to share your knowledge.
As I stated in the past, “Once the bottom of the pyramid unites, the rest will collapse.”
Get your seat belts on, folks!








Building Nova Earth: A World That Works For Everyone
















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