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Britain’s most expensive Caravan Mobile Home - Portable Solar Generators


The concept of mobile homes is not new in US but now the mobile homes are gaining popularity with many people willing to dig deep into their pockets to own mobile home. These prefabricated homes are built in factories and then placed on the site. These homes are built on chassis which are permanently attached. Big, strong wheels are attached to these homes for mobility. And, it includes a Roof Portable Solar Generators.


This is an eco friendly mobile home perfect for those who are both rich and eco conscious. The be coc mobile home has two shells and each module has two swivel rocking panels. This home is customizable allowing the owners to choose the amenities as per their requirements. This solar caravan features a large room, well furnished kitchen, modern bathroom and well decorated lounge. The price of the basic model with all solar options is $145,771. -The costliest mobile home is in the UK, located in Abersoch, North Wales. This home has three spacious and luxurious bedroom equipped with modern facilities. The home features complete entertainment facilities including integrated sound and television system. You can also enjoy underfloor heating in this home. This heating is controlled by an iPhone.


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Be-coc Camping Car for outdoor enthusiasts with eco values



The latest from the house of Be-coc, who gave us the eco-friendly Mobile Home, is the Camping Car for the eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts. The Camping Car features the Be-coc cube module, including two shells and two swivel solar panels per module. When you reach your camping spot, the Be-coc module opens to offer enough space (3.60 m wide) with panoramic views and clean energy. This modular camper is spacious when open and compact when on the roads.







Mobile Tent Solar Power










Orange - Solar Powered Tent Concept


Sun is largest source of energy provider to planet Earth. So why not use the energy of the sun when we are mobile, when we are on trips, camping in the midst of nature? So here we have Solar Powered Tents which will enable you to carry all your gadgets including laptops and notebooks and anything requiring electricity without having to worry about the availability of electric power in your camp.

These Solar Powered Concept Tents are developed by Orange in association with the American product design consultancy Kaleidoscope. The singular aim of this design is to create a mobile tent which generates electric power using solar-energy to give the occupiers to comfort of electric-power availability at home, and at the same time not make the design heavy by using the traditional flat solar panels.


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Orange, the Solar Concept Tent






Orange create Wind & Solar Power


Why use solar camping equipment? Solar camping equipment is the perfect complement to the impact free camping experience. I find that going into the wilderness refreshes me and motivates me to be more constructive in terms of the future of the planet. Using renewable energy while camping or hiking is a way of taking my commitment to reduce my ecological footprint with me into the bush. Whether you are going on foot or in an RV, there are solar energy saving devices you can use. Here quality is a big issue; there is little point buying a solar powered device to save electricity only to have it break down and be thrown out soon after due to poor build quality.


Created by telecom company Orange, the Solar Concept Tent harnesses power from the sun to provide heating, lighting, communications, and recharging. It has 3G WiFi connection and instead of plugging portable device such as mobiles and iPods, campers can drop them into a pouch inside the tent to charge. The 3G connectivity enables the “Glo-cation” feature, which allows users to identify their personal Solar Concept Tent by sending an SMS. When sent, the message triggers a “distinctive glow” from inside the tent.©2009 Orange


Wind, Solar Recharge Tent Keeps Phones Juiced










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