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Eco Tech: Lyman-Morse readies High-End Portable Solar Generator


Eco Factor: Portable system generates electricity by capturing solar energy.

Lyman-Morse, a well known name in the fields of marine industry that delivered many DC and AC power combinations and power units that are not dependent on the grid, is now looking to go green with its new project called “Powercube.”It’s a fiberglass box that is self contained and can generate power up to 600 watts when the sun is on its full glow. According to Lyman, these portable systems will cost $27,000 for the 600-watt unit and $37,000 for the larger version, but are advantageous as compared to other generators, as these systems provide easy mobility and the generator’s batteries can store a charge for up to three weeks and pull up to 3.5 kilowatts in short spurts in a shorter amount of time.


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Flexible Portable Solar Generators –

Sport/Utility M600 Charges in 4 hours from empty - 600W AC Inverter / 12 V DC Jump Start your Car. Run Electrical 120V AC appliances.









Flexible Solar Panels – Roll-up Hot & Cold Extremes


Originally developed for use on adventurous expeditions like solo-sailing the world or climbing Mount Everest, flexible solar panels are now used by ordinary people to charge cell phones, video cameras or car batteries. Their low cost and versatility make them increasingly popular for outdoor enthusiasts.


The flexible panels utilize so-called amorphous solar cells that for effective low-light performance. The flexible solar panels come in various sizes and electrical outputs. You can link several units together to increase increase voltage or current for even more output. They are ideal for running cell phones and charging digital and video cameras. Some of the types of panels can be cut to meet special applications.


Best of all the flexible solar panels roll-up and store in convenient storage tubes. They can survive the hot and cold extremes of permanent outdoor use. Being compact, stow-able, waterproof and reliable makes flexible solar panels fantastic for outdoor use and during travel.


Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels







Flexible Portable Solar Generators – more Uses…










The Future of Solar Technology


Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are large flat panels made up of many individual solar cells. It is most often used in remote locations, although it is becoming more popular in urban areas as well. This page contains articles that explore advances in solar energy technology.


  • New Solar-Powered Sensor Could Literally Change the World

  • New Solar Charger for Laptop Computers

  • Solar-powered ATMs by Vortex

  • World’s Largest Solar Boat Prepares for World Tour

  • The Future is Now with Light-Powered Circuitry

  • Self-Assembling Solar Cells …..>>


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Solar Backpack & Mobil Phone & Other Devices - Charger

The classic among this list, I added it just for familiarity. If you haven’t seen Voltaic’s Solar Panel Backpack yet, then you have been asleep for the ‘personal solar panel revolution’. Solar panels fitted to a backpack that house your electronics while you are on the move. It’s a pretty obvious use of harnessing the suns rays to do your bidding.


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Voltaic Systems Solar Messenger charger bag


The rugged Voltaic Systems Solar Messenger charger bag model 1004 is versatile enough for use in town or on travel. It's 4 watt solar panels a perfect to charge your portable electronics


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