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Green Building Design for Residential Use

What Does green Building mean?


Green Building is a fairly broad concept, but the core ideas of green building entail the following:


Environmentally Friendly


So, what does it mean that a building is environmentally friendly? It simply means two things; Constructing the building is safe for the surrounding environment and will not significantly interfere with the wild life, its patterns of daily life, and that it will not negatively affect the natural environment. nearby. It also means that building is constructed from environmentally friendly materials that are available locally and that the construction process is well designed to reduce the unnecessary pollution and negative effects on the environment.


Efficient use of Resources


In green building practices, efficient use of resources means using water saving faucets and plumbing elements, energy efficient lighting units and passive solar design. It also involves, the use of energy efficient building materials aimed to attain highly energy efficient building envelope with well insulated walls, floors and ceilings. A well insulated building envelope will helps keeping building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Reduced energy consumption provides financial benefits for the building owners and helps reduce the carbon monoxide footprint of the building on the environment.


Designed for health and wellbeing of the building occupants.


Another important feature of a green building is its design aimed at providing comfortable and safe environment for the human occupants. It means that building will be pleasant and safe for people to be in. It could contain the elements of intuitive floor plans, spacious and well lit hallways, fresh-air circulation and monitoring units, dampness and temperature controls. Use of Human safe materials and pleasant architectural design that provides psychological and physiological benefits for human occupants.


Green Building Benefits


The most fundamental benefit of Green Building is that it is environmentally friendly and safe for people occupying the building. A well designed and constructed green building is well integrated into the environment in which it is built and does not detract from it. It is pleasant and safe for people who use the building on a daily basis. Its aesthetic appeal of carefully designed and well integrated architectural features, such as efficient use of space, intuitive layouts and [pleasant lighting offers psychological benefits to people. While, elements such as clean air monitoring and circulating systems, handicap access, clean water and other elements make it safe and beneficial to human health.


Another important benefit of Green Building is Energy Efficiency, which results in reduced energy consumption for AC and Heating needs. It may feature elements like effective use of natural lighting, cool roof and wall panels, and green energy generating systems all aimed reducing energy consumption, which results in cleaner environment and direct cost savings to the building owners.


Green Building Materials


Sustainability and environmental friendliness are two key requirements to green building materials. Many green building materials also offer energy efficiency benefits. For instance, use of metal in residential and commercial construction is considered environmentally friendly because metal is recyclable and long lasting building material that also offers excellent solar reflective benefits making it an energy efficient choice for roofing and wall panels when constructing a building envelope.


Bamboo is another green building material because it grows quickly and thus can be easily sustained. Specially grown Cedar can be considered sustainable building material when its grown locally and cut in a sustainable manner that will ensure future growth and availability.


Green Energy Generation Systems


Energy Generating systems are considered to be the most expensive elements of a green building design, but the initial cost of this type of investment is justified when calculated for future energy savings for the building owner. It is also environmentally sound choice that not only results in free energy, but also earns LEED / green building credits to the building owner.


Two most commonly used green energy generating are solar and wind electricity generating systems:


Solar Power System


The use of solar energy in green building can provide free electricity for the building owners. Solar panels can be installed on the roof top of the building where the solar energy will be converted to electricity.


 Wind Turbine Energy


Another way to generate electricity is through the use of wind energy. Wind turbine can be set up in pathway of winds, which can provide significant amount of free electricity for the building owners.


Green Building Guide to Costs and Prices


Without a doubt, building green is initially pricier than the cost of conventional construction, but from a long term perspective integrating green building elements will result in energy savings and longer lasting building that will pay for the difference in initial investment and then some.

Year 2009, also offers financial benefits and incentives that will make green building technology more affordable for homeowners and commercial buildings.

For More Information. Click Here







Energy efficient buildings are Vital to Sustainability


• By 2050 Earth's population will have grown by 3 billion
• Now is the time to build energy efficient buildings






Water Cube – Olympic Swimming Hall  - China – Green Building







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 Buildings and Cities of the Future



Jacque Fresco




The Venus Project ( in Florida)

Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project


Jacque Fresco (born March 13, 1916), is a self-educated structural designer, philosopher of science, concept artist, educator, and futurist. His interests span a wide range of disciplines including several in philosophy, science, and engineering.[4] Fresco writes and lectures extensively on his view of subjects ranging from the holistic design of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management, cybernated technology, advanced automation, and the role of science in society, focusing on the benefits he claims this will bring. With his colleague, Roxanne Meadows, he is the founder and director of an organization known as The Venus Project, located in Venus, Florida.

The Venus Project advocates an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization unlike any socio-economic system that has gone before. It calls for a straightforward redesign of a culture, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.


Venus Project Website






Major Motion Picture Project Fund Raising ….


The Venus Project is seeking donations to help further development of a serious major motion picture depicting life in a resource based economy. This film is designed to reach the general public throughout the world to introduce an exciting, sustainable new social direction, depicting a vision of what our future can be if we intelligently apply science and technology with environmental and human concern. A future where war, poverty and hunger could be but a distant memory……  


 "The Venus Project Tour with Jacque Fresco"-  Trailer ( 10 mins)

 5 DVD set is available at:


Also 1/14 Venus Project  Tours/……








Awakening – Venus Project  (Part 1 of 4) – (7:32 mins) Play List


Awaken to the world around us, the problems we face, why they exist, and how to truly solve them once and for all. Please rip, share, push and promote this video. Make this viral, and educate the world!




Awakening (Part 2 of 4) –  ( 9:39 mins)





Awakening (Part 3 of 4) –  ( 7:39 mins)




Awakening (Part 4 of 4) – ( 6:44 mins)





Modular Tower 




The Venus ProjectModular Tower 

The Venus Project- Designing the Future Part 1




The Venus Project -- City Concept










European UNStudio Green-Roofed Library of the Future for Belgium


UNStudio has unveiled designs for The Waalse Krook Urban Library of the Future in Gent, Belgium that presents a refined sense of public space. The building’s light, transparent design creates a public gathering place that doubles as a learning environment. The library features an open core that provides incredible views while allowing air and light to penetrate the interior, and a green roof adds to the project’s environmental credentials.


To See More Information. Click Here










Oceanic Creations - Floating Buildings


Sweden-based Oceanic Creations is developing new construction methods and materials for floating buildings. The floating buildings offer the potential for low-impact environmental construction, with non-aging composite materials that are 6 x lighter and 10 x stronger than steel, and require virtually no maintenance. The company’s first project will be a Mayan inspired hotel to be located near Cancun, Mexico, with a construction cost of $209 million.


OCCT is a State-of-the-Art Construction Technology exclusively developed for the Swedish Royal Navy by the best engineers and scientists available.

The Oceanic-Creations Composite Technology represents a new generation of technological evolution, as well as exciting new ways to apply well-proven construction technologies. Since it was originally developed for military use it has been tested for reliability, strength and safety far beyond what is required in the civilian market.







Eco building idea from Alexander Remizov


The Russian visionary Alexander Remizov thought that we have to change the way we interact with nature in order to create a comfortable habitat. He also had in mind that nature, following it’s natural course, will not offer us the best premises for a comfortable environment. The solution would be to change the nature for our benefit? Or maybe we could change our needs and our way of life according to nature’s course?


The Russian architect decided to build a house, better said a dome, that fits to our second solution.  “The ark”, as he named it, is a eco-friendly mega structure that can be built quickly either on land or sea. This light structure can be built from eco materials, materials which are becoming  more and more popular among constructors and of course clients. -  Housing 10.000 people at a time, this house is self-sustaining and withstands environmental changes (disasters like biblical flood levels).


Read More About It






World's largest Solar-Powered Building - Dezhou, Shangdong, China

China, constantly straddling the line between super-polluter and clean tech pioneer, has unveiled what for the time being is the world’s largest solar-powered office building . The fan-like roof of the 800,000 square-foot facility located in Dezhou in Shangdong Province was cleverly designed to resemble an ancient sun dial, though rather than ticking off the passing hours, the building houses exhibition centers, research facilities, meeting and convention spaces and a hotel, all of which are powered by the hundreds of solar panels adorning its roof.


Read More about this







The one word that comes to mind when looking at this building block is “epiphany” because the designer must have had one when contemplating the concept for this building. It fits so well into its surroundings; it might have as well been built by the original Inca. It transports the looker back in time to the days of the original Mayans and it is a testament that elements of the past can be combined successfully with modern design and technology.


Read More About It



Panasonic's Haruyuki Ishio





A futuristic Eco-City was being planned for Fujisawa, Japan


Our Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town plan is about Panasonic showing in a very visible way the company’s comprehensive solutions capabilities (for private homes, multi-family dwellings and facilities) in a real town setting, while establishing new business models for our energy
solutions businesses.

INTERVIEW: Panasonic's Haruyuki Ishio Gives Us the Inside Scoop About Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

while Panasonic has set its focus on becoming the “Number 1 Green Innovations Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018″. With similar overall aims in mind, Fujisawa City and Panasonic agreed to use the cleared land to contribute to society in terms of ecology.







Dubai’s Rotating Skyscraper! 80 floors twist! 


This building will be the first of it's kind! It will have 80 individually rotating floors which will make the building shape shift and morph into an ever changing structure! At no time will be look the same! And... in between the floors with be 79 wind turbines which will generate all the power for the building as well as 3 others! Residents will be able to view the Burj Al Arab, The Palm Islands, and Jumeirah Beach for a small monthly rent of only $3,000 per sq. foot! :) lol! So hey it may be cheaper to have a friend live there and just come crash on there coach.





Dynamic Architecture ( 5:09 mins)







Preview of World's First Rotating Skyscraper


PlusPreview of World's First Rotating SkyscraperPreview of World's First Rotating SkyscraperThe Associated PressArchitect Dr. David Fisher unveiled the Dynamic Tower, the world's first building in motion. The rotate skyscrapers, which are planned worldwide, have floors which rotate independently to create a building that constantly changes shape. (June 24)Is it the skyscraper of the future? Or just a "pie in the sky" idea?


Italian architect David Fisher unveiled in New York the design for what he's calling the world's first "building in motion." It's an 80-story residential tower with revolving floors, ostensibly set for construction in Dubai this fall. ((David Fisher, Architect)) "It's the first building that is dynamic, changing its' shape. You can adjust the shape any given moment." Fisher says he is also slated to build one of the "dynamic" buildings in Moscow, and, he hopes, New York City. He says the buildings also double as power generators: wind turbines on every floor will provide power. "Wind has a very negative affect on skyscrapers we all know. So I say 'why do we want to fight the wind?' Why don't we use the wind, to our own benefit? The Dubai condos are going for three-thousand dollars a square foot. Lifts will allow penthouse residents to park their cars right in their apartments. Fisher says the building parts will be prefabricated in a factory in Italy then assembled at the final location. The architect says he'd like to have the Dubai building ready to live in by 2010.





The Energy Efficient House - Berlin - Germany | Fully Charged   ( 7 mins)


Robert Llewellyn visits an energy efficient house in Berlin. LIKE Fully Charged


Robert is back in Berlin, where he speaks to Jörg Welke who lives in a house which produces 16,000kWh of energy a year, when it only uses 4,000-5,000kWh. With it's great insulation, solar panels, and a 40kWh storage battery, it is truly energy efficient.

In 2010, the UK could produce on a sunny midsummer day, 74,000kW of energy from solar electricity. Compare this to Germany who under the same conditions producer 17,000,000kW of energy.





Wind Catching Cooling Tower








Masdar City - City of the Future


Masdar City (Arabic: مدينة مصدر‎, Madīnat Maṣdar, literally Source City[1]) is a project in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Its core is a planned city, which is being built by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, a subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company, with the majority of seed capital provided by the government of Abu Dhabi.[2][3] Designed by the British architectural firm Foster and Partners and engineering and environmental consultancy Mott MacDonald, the city will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology and will be a car free city. The city is being constructed 17 kilometres (11 mi) east-south-east of the city of Abu Dhabi, beside Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Masdar City will host the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).[4][5] The city is designed to be a hub for cleantech companies. Its first tenant is the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, which has been operating in the city since it moved into its campus in September 2010.[6][7][8] The city as a whole was originally intended to be completed by 2016 but that date has now been pushed back to 2025.



Masdar: The City of the Future | Part One | Fully Charged  ( 11 mins)


Masdar: The City of the Future | Part Two | Fully Charged  ( 11 mins) 



Night view of the Knowledge Centre at Masdar Institute


Masdar,the Worlds First Eco city | LAVA Architects Arts.21  ( 6 mins)


What will the city of the future look like? Carbon-neutral, no waste, no cars a city that relies entirely on solar and other renewable energy sources. This is a visionary project that is now becoming reality. In the desert of Abu Dhabi urban planners, architects and researchers are building the world's first eco city: Masdar City. ARTS.21 went to take a look.





World’s First Large-Scale “Positive-Energy” Building, Masdar City - UAE


Project Summary


The Masdar Headquarters will be the world’s first positive-energy building, producing more energy than it consumes and surpassing the standards for LEED Platinum™ sustainable design certification. Learn how BIM enabled the architects to rationalize the building’s complex geometries and quickly iterate, analyze and share multiple design scenarios in order to adopt green building elements Located near the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, this groundbreaking building is part of the much larger Masdar City project, a zero-waste, zero-carbon-emission development designed to showcase advanced energy and waste-efficiency technologies.


 When complete, Masdar City will position Abu Dhabi as a global leader in the research and development of renewable energy technologies. Preliminary work on the fast-track Masdar Headquarters project began in 2007, when the owner sponsored an international design competition that attracted 159 participants from some of the world’s most prestigious architectural firms. After careful review, the owner selected an integrated design team that comprises lead architects from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), structural engineers from Thornton Tomasetti, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers from Environmental Systems Design (ESD).


To See Video. Click Here






Smart Buildings - the Future of Building Technology  ( 7 mins)


Movie ""smart buildings - the future of building technology"" - by Siemens

A study on the future of building technology shows that requirements are undergoing lasting changes.

Which changes are coming up and how Building Technologies is dealing with these changes is shown in this movie.


How Smart Buildings become radically efficient - Article








Living Tomorrow: House of the Future


Living Tomorrow was founded in 1991 by architects Frank Belien and Peter Bongers. Their mission was to create a platform on which several companies could show their innovative ideas. Have you ever wondered what a future home will look like? We have been there, so watch here and find out.








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Dome and other Houses






Sustainably Crafted Geodesic Dome Houses


Patrick Marsilli, the designer of this dome house, calls it Solaleya Dome House. It is designed to provide a solution to the increasing demand for electricity and sustainability. The entire house can rotate to provide optimal use of the solar panels. These panels are lined on roof which is adjusted as required. The harnessed solar energy makes the dome efficient enough to provide power as and when needed. The aerodynamic structured dome makes itself safe enough to withstand high speed winds and earthquakes measuring eight on Richter scale. The reason behind making of these domes is that these can be quickly constructed and so does Solaleya Dome. This can be constructed within three months. The Dome House by Shawn Hausman and Jessica Kimberley


Click Here for more Information about Dome Houses








The Semi-Open Dome House


The Dome House was designed by Shawn Hausman and Jessica Kimberley, located in a mountain outside Ojai, California. It is perched on a wood deck using concrete footings for support. The geodesic dome perched high atop a mountain outside Ojai is constructed of powder-coated conduit with a stretched membrane of rubberized canvas. The dome is a perfect half-sphere, 44 feet in diameter and 22 feet high. A 16-by-30-foot picture window of clear marine acrylic provides dramatic views of the Topa Topa Mountains



Read More about It






California Geodome


This sunny, geodesic dome style home offers 360 degree views of surrounding mountains and the utmost privacy in the scenic and special Genesee Valley. An immaculate home that offers: granite countertops, Dacor appliances, redwood siding and decking, central vacuum, efficient heating and cooling, passive solar orientation, abundant skylights, large garage and storage space, 40 yr. comp. roof, slate entry, and a 3rd level cupola with spectacular views! 4 acre parcel and only 10 mi. from Antelope Lake. Must be seen to appreciate.


Balsa Wood House - Dome Tea Houses on Display in London







Eco Friendly Tree Building House Design From Whole Tree Architecture







The Bamboo Green School in Bali &  Solar power Bamboo House


Have you ever seen a school made entirely out of bamboo? The Green School in Bali is unusual in a number of ways, from its sustainable curriculum to the degree of freedom enjoyed by the students, but it is the structures themselves that are often the center of attention for visitors. The Green School chose bamboo because it’s green, renewable and very plentiful in Bali. “Frankly, it is hard to talk to students about sustainability while they are using the last piece of rainforest for their chair and their table. It is the painful truth that they are going to have to stretch to get enough rain forest timber to build their homes,” says co-founder, architect John Hardy.


And many other Bamboo Structures….








A Saving Energy House Design - Cannon Beach Residence by Nathan Good Architect


Beach house with energy-saving system is very rare, but have Cannon Beach Residence, green with eco-house concept by Nathan this good architect is an environmentally friendly building design. Located on the beach in Oregon, and produces more energy than he did. This was made possible thanks to a thickness of 5 kWh photovoltaic systems on the roof and concrete walls 12 inches. There are also solar heating pipes, hot water and geothermal heat pump heats and cools the air. House in an L-shape and wrapped in Sitka spruce, 38 inches in diameter. Recycled materials in construction and home use of a new generation used to develop. It integrates well into a wooded hill with green sedum roof germination. On one side of the house with views of Haystack Rock, while others – overlooking the beach. Many windows give the house with lots of natural light.


Click Here to see More Information







The New Eco-House in UK by Hawkes Architecture


This two-week period ended house is environmentally friendly new home in the United Kingdom which shows the combination of the latest technologies for energy savings techniques dating back to medieval times. Construction technique was used for the first time in Spain in 1382, known as the system of Catalan vaults. Low arch made of several layers of bricks glued to each other, with different orientation course to achieve robustness without requiring additional support structures. It is designed by Richard Hawkes also as one of the first zero-carbon homes in the United Kingdom. The house is to use solar energy to produce all its own electricity and thermal energy. The building shows how contemporary design can celebrate local materials and crafts and integrate new technologies to produce a very durable building that arose on Earth.


Read More About It







Two Creeks Residence Natural Green Stone House Design


Home with the feel of a natural and soothing, became a dream that united and friendly with nature. This beautiful home was designed with traditional architecture, with natural stone walls. Private residence is done by CCY Architects with the concept of a truly balanced with the environment, has a creek that drains water into something clear and fun of this residence. The concept of building a whole lot of use of natural materials like stone that is prepared with very beautiful.









Modern Modular Malaysia Eco - Amazing Home Pre-Fab Architecture


Amazing home architecture design images which present from the modern modular eco house design. This modular home design located in Malaysia architects by Broadway Malyan. Beautiful summer house designs idea which you can assemble near to the seaside in the mountain when the winter comes. The modern residence design become into the architecture design plan for South East Asia’s first carbon zero house.


Prefabricated in modules, the home is not only maintains costs down it also lets for a quick construction otherwise deconstruction development. Featuring deep projects which present shade, open, flexible interior spaces design to accommodate several of uses, a greywater system to recycle water and a green roof garden through a rainwater capture scheme for irrigation, I can inform for sure we would not mind living in such an eco house design.


Here it is best sample modern modular eco house design photos gallery for our inspiration to build elegant, comfortable, luxury and contemporary home design.


See More of this House.







Impressive Inspirative Modern Minimalist Eco-Green Home design


Click Here to read more About It







This green home design provides a modern and simple living condition, with good collaboration with the surrounded nature. There are three modular house plans : live, sleep, play. By these, every module can support each other and creates a complete green home building when combined.


This house also has several big windows to provide optimal view and natural lighting. This also provides a thin border between the indoor and outdoor activities. The wood materials are dominant for the exterior. Wood is also used as sustainable flooring material. The interior design is designed simple and modern. To support outdoor activities, a deck can be installed.







Passive Solar Home Design Elements


How Build eco Friendly Home






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Alternative Ecological Houses
















Earthbag Earthbag Dome Homes Plans






EarthBag Construction


Long sandbags are filled on-site and arranged in layers or as compressed coils. Stabilizers such as cement, lime, or sodium carbonate may be added to an ideal mix of 70% sand, 30% clay. Straw may also be added. The earthbags are then plastered over with adobe.


Plastic bags recycled into plastic bags -- if plastic does not break down for a thousand years, this building is sure to last several lifetimes. Of course covered with adobe or plaster, so that the plastic does not offgas or degrade.


Foundations differ as per site. Here, in a rainy locale, rocks were placed under the earthbags for drainage. Note the barbed wire which keeps the bags from slipping and creates an earthquake resistent structure.


The time consuming part, filling the bags. The bags are filled in place on the wall. The CalEarth site says that three reasonably-fit persons can lay 100 linear ft of bag per day.


The Sandbag Shelters of Nader Khalili

The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth)



CalEarth -- Emergency Shelter Village, Hesperia, California.


Iranian born architect, Nader Khalili  (1936-2008) developed the long-bag Superadobe prototype in California. In 1991 he founded the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth), a non-profit research and educational organization.


The global need for housing includes millions refugees and displaced persons – victims of natural disasters and wars. Iranian architect Nader Khalili believes that this need can be addressed only by using the potential of earth construction.

After extensive research into vernacular earth building methods in Iran, followed by detailed prototyping, he has developed the sandbag or ‘superadobe’ system. The basic construction technique involves filling sandbags with earth and laying them in courses in a circular plan. The circular courses are corbelled near the top to form a dome. Barbed wire is laid between courses to prevent the sandbags from shifting and to provide earthquake resistance. Hence the materials of war – sandbags and barbed wire – are used for peaceful ends, integrating traditional earth architecture with contemporary global safety requirements.

The system employs the timeless forms of arches, domes and vaults to create single and double-curvature shell structures that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. While these load-bearing or compression forms refer to the ancient mudbrick architecture of the Middle East, the use of barbed wire as a tensile element alludes to the portable tensile structures of nomadic cultures. The result is an extremely safe structure. The addition of barbed wire to the compression structures creates earthquake resistance; the aerodynamic form resists hurricanes; the use of sandbags aids flood resistance; and the earth itself provides insulation and fireproofing.

Several design prototypes of domes and vaults were built and tested. The system is particularly suitable for providing temporary shelter because it is cheap and allows buildings to be quickly erected by hand by the occupants themselves with a minimum of training. The shelters focus on the economic empowerment of people by participation in the creation of their own homes and communities.


Creating Earthbag House Models




SuperAdobe - What is it?

Buy long bags here:








Simple Survival Model Earthship  ( 6  mins)


Can be replicated to create larger buildings. Aimed at being the cheapest and most affordable Earthship possible.A very simple set of details to put together.
Radically Sustainable Buildings. The Most Versatile and Economical building design in the world.

Earthships can be built in any part of the world, in any climate and still provide you with what you need to survive, with 'modern' amenities, if desired. The Earthship building method has been evolving for over 40 years












Earthbag/SuperAdobe House Construction ( 7 mins)






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Alternative  -  Semi-Ecological Dome Houses










Japan's  - International Dome House - Expanded Styrofoam Material


The superior characteristics of the Dome House

The building material for the Dome House is expanded polystyrene, "the fourth-generation building material" after wood, iron, and concrete. - Having cleared the world's strictest building codes in Japan, the Dome House is approved by the Japanese Ministry of Land and Transport.

The special Expanded Polystyrene challenges the prevailing common sense.

  •  - Anti-Rusting

  •  - Insulating Material

  •  - Earthquake and Wind resistance

  •  - Ultra-short assembly time

  •  - Ultra-low cost

Some of Basic Pieces:


Japan's  - International Dome House - Introduction   ( 13 mins)

Expanded Styrofoam Material


Fabricacion y Ventajas de Casas  ( 2 mins)










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Survival Shelters & Pods







Survival Shelter -  Inexpensive Geodesic Domes  ( 2 mins_)  presents this short feature on a couple of inexpensive, easy to build geodesic domes for use as shelters for survival, storing belongings, or mini-greenhouses..







Housing for short, middle, and long term: the Strawbale Dome








Wooden Shakes on Earthbag Houses


Wooden shakes are a sustainable roofing material because they can be made by hand using a froe and locally available wood. You can make shakes from many kinds of wood, but the best shakes come from old trees with tight growth rings. Install shakes over roofing felt, and fasten with galvanized roofing nails. Steep roofs of 5:12 pitch or more will reduce risk of leaks and wind damage.

Wooden shakes can be used on walls and roofs built of "pallets".









The Pod - "Camping Shelter"  ( 2 mins)


Camping for the 21st century has arrived, and it comes in the shape of the Pod. Designed and built in Great Britain this exciting new innovation in camping technology is proving a huge success with both campers and site owners alike.

Built in solid treated timber, insulated with sheep's wool and featuring a roof guaranteed for 30 years, the Pod is able to open up new revenue streams like no other form of accommodation. Seasons are extended, wash-out weekends eliminated and under-utilised parts of sites brought back to life with the addition of these stunning wooden structures.








The Camping Pod 6m









The Pod & Cooking Trailer - Home Made


 "Teardrop Trailer" for us, to tow behind .












Setting Up Tipi (Quadripod System)  ( 9  mins)


How to set up Tipi with quadripod system (Crow, Blackfeet)









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Old Pallets  and Recycled Salvage Wood  












 Old Pallets -  Trusses - Furniture, etc.


Old pallets are not garbage; they can be re-used in a variety of ways.
The Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association wants you to recycle wood p
ackaging material; go to   to see how for Ideas and Blueprints.


















46 Genius Pallet Building Ideas






Lots more ...>>>







Salvage Wood Recycled Items +++


Re-purpose : Pallets ~ Old Windows ~ Doors ~ Furniture


Recopilación 3 de imágenes de muebles de palets reciclados y alguna madera más  ( 7 mins)






Other Recycled Items & Recycled Crafts









CD "Mosaic Tiles" Disco Ball



















Other Recycled Items - Recycled Bicycle & Car  Tires























Green Products




Green Interiors








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