Rigid Sails Harvesting Solar and Wind Power on Ships


The Japan-based company Eco Marine Power, is planning to develop a solar power system for ocean-going vessels and ships. Currently, the company is designing rigid sail panels fitted with solar modules, dubbed The Aquarius, that are able to collect solar and wind energy on board ships. 


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Hong Kong rolls out world's First Fleet of Solar Ferries


We've already told you about solar-powered cargo ships, now Hong Kong has decided to combat the area's pollution problems by deploying solar-powered ferries. According to the makers of the vehicles, Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd., the ferries will operate using three-quarters solar energy and only one-quarter liquefied petroleum gas, potentially reducing carbon-dioxide output on the route by roughly half.

Purchased by the well-heeled Hong Kong Jockey Club for an undisclosed sum estimated to be in the millions, the green vehicles will go into operation in November.


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San Francisco Solar Ship Solar Power Eco Friendly Sail!


While most boats on the water today are powered by diesel engines, and sail power and gasoline engines are also popular, it is perfectly feasible to power boats by electricity too..


Electric boats were very popular from the 1880s until the 1920s, when the internal combustion engine took dominance. Since the energy crises of the 1970s, interest in this quiet and potentially renewable marine energy source has been increasing steadily again, especially as solar cells became available, for the first time making possible motorboats with an infinite range like sailboats. The first practical solar boat was probably constructed in 1975 in England.


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Sky Sail


Kite-Powered Ship Sets Sail For Greener Future


A cargo ship pulled by a giant, parachute-shaped kite will leave Germany on a voyage that could herald a new "green" age of commercial sailing on the high seas.

The owners of the MS Beluga, a 462ft cargo vessel, will try to prove that modern steel ships can harness wind power and reduce their reliance on diesel engines. During the journey from Bremen to Venezuela, the crew will deploy a SkySail, a 160 square metre kite which will fly more than 600ft above the vessel, where winds are stronger and more consistent than at sea level.

Its inventor, Stephan Wrage, a 34-year-old German engineer, claims the kite will significantly reduce carbon emissions, cutting diesel consumption by up to 20 per cent and saving £800 a day in fuel costs. He believes an even bigger kite, up to 5,000 square metres, could result in fuel savings of up to 35 per cent. He got the idea while flying a kite as a child, and has now developed the concept into a hybrid of the sailing ships of old and motorized modern craft….


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Beluga Sky Sail  ( 1 mins)








Sail Barge









Wind Turbine Sail Boats






Solar Power on Planes



Helios Prototype






Pathfinder Solar Plane - NASA


The NASA Pathfinder, NASA Pathfinder Plus, NASA Centurion and NASA Helios Prototype were an evolutionary series of solar- and fuel-cell-system-powered unmanned aerial vehicles. AeroVironment, Inc. developed the vehicles under NASA's Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (ERAST) program. They were built to develop the technologies that would allow long-term, high-altitude aircraft to serve as "atmospheric satellites", to perform atmospheric research tasks as well as serve as communications platforms.


AeroVironment's Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a solar-powered High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that was developed in 1981 to provide a continuous high altitude platform. The Pathfinder has a wingspan of 99 feet.



















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