Science & Technology



“A reasonable person, accepts the “Status Quo”.

An unreasonable person, wants to change it. –

All progress is therefore made by unreasonable people.”




Earth Magnetic Field & Magnetic Reversal & The Magnetosphere


Electromagnetic Spectrum






Science - Double Rainbows - Auroras
- Zodiacal Lights &  Cloud - Sun's and Moon's Halos


Schumann Resonance - Frequency & Earth Hz Rhythms






Science - The Sounds of Space


Hertzian Waves - Tesla Longitudinal Waves “Scalar Waves & Scalar Energy”

 -Photon Wave Particles & Dual Slit Experiment






Heart Electromagnetic Communication – Science & Spiritual


Biophotons & Biophotonics






Fractals – Nature’s Infinite Designs


The Theory of Morphic Fields   and   Morphic Resonance




Torus - Geometric Toroidal Shapes


Water as Energy & Human Emotions -  Water Properties






Holography – Holograms - Holographic Universe & Holography Data Storage  


Zero Point Energy - or Free Energy - or

Zero Point Field






Time – Fractal Time & Compression of Time


Time and Space-Time






What is Space?


Gravity and Light






Particle Accelerator - CERN – Switzerland and Elementary Particles - Fermilab & Other Sites


Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness – String Theories – Multi-dimensions…






Consciousness & The Brain


DNA & The Human Genome - The Human Cell & the Pineal Gland



  Science - Scientists & Misc.     The Human Origin History - how and when did human beings started to appeared on earth





Science – Other Languages


Misc. Science Videos & TV Series


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Science - Cosmology & Space Technology



“The estimated Galaxies in the Universe is over a 100 Billion Galaxies –

and that just our own Milky Way Galaxy may have 100 Billion Stars,

some -or most – with several Planets. -  The Universe is full of possibilities.. !!!!!”






NASA and ESA -“European Space Agency” Observatories & Satellites in Space  & Ground Based Observatories - ISS  - SETI



Hubble Telescope Deep Space Images


Earth Objects & Debris in Space – Lower & Higher Earth Orbits



Earth and Moon


Eclipses - Moon and Sun - Planetary Eclipses and Planetary Alignments



The Sun - Planets and the Solar System


The Asteroid Belt & Asteroids – Comets – Meteorites - Meteor Craters



The Milky Way Galaxy - Black Holes and

Other Galaxies


Pulsars - Novas - Super Novas – Nebulas
 Quasars - Collision of Galaxies



Cosmology & The Universe



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The Cosmic Sounds







NASA Recordings - The Sound of the Universe






Sounds of Pulsars ( 2 mins)


The sound of 5 Milk Way pulsars!







Sounds of the Sun ( 1 mins)


Sun Sound - This is the sound the Sun makes. Recorded by Nasa 


Spectacular Solar Video and Sounds of the Sun  ( 4 mins)


New video released by NASA from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) which was launched February 11, 2010. The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) takes these images across 8 different wavelengths (out of the 10 available wavelengths) every 10 seconds. NASA SOHO recorded sounds of the sun added.


Sound of the Sun (HD)  ( 20 mins)


This is the Sound of the Sun. Slow and powerful..
You're hearing sound of a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) and afterwards calming. I have reduced the speed, so it's sounds very powerful, like Sun it is. I think good for meditation..


Links to other planets above>>>






Sounds of the Moon








Sounds of Planet Earth








Sounds of Planet Uranus








Sounds of Planet Neptune








Sounds of Planet Venus









Eerie Sounds of Saturn's Radio Emissions








Sounds of Planet Pluto
















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Astronomy & Space Science For Kids







Astronomy & Space Science For Kids


LOTS of Really Fun Earth and Space Stuff - (Click Link)


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